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Prestige International Group is in hot business! Sincerely look forward to your joining!
1. Have certain economic strength and investment strength, and have good business reputation.
2. Have a certain business background and business experience, and have experience in bathroom related industries.
3. Dedicated to the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of Prestige International Group, dedicated and dedicated, and enterprising; have legal personality or legal business qualifications, no more than 2 partners, and identify the main and secondary
4. Have a certain network of contacts in related industries.
5. Have a business place that meets the requirements of our group and renovate the unified national image store as required
6. According to the scale of the region and the level of economic development, the distributor must have a certain first purchase volume.

Team Advantage
1. We have a deep accumulation in talent team building. Our team is carefully selected, refined, and selected. The service tenet is "all for the customer, everything comes from innovation", adhering to the competitive concept of "high quality, high differentiation, high added value", creating value for customers and jointly creating a first-class brand.
2. The goal of Prestige International Group's team to develop customers is: to find one, to cultivate one, to develop one, and to integrate customers into the "family" culture. The group not only treats customers as family members, but also manages and cares like employees, and benefits. Share, share risks, achieve common growth, common progress, and common development, and achieve perfection and perfection.

Policy Support
1. Prestige International Group relies on strong integrated marketing methods to build a strong brand image. Provide dealers with mature market operations, brand promotion, management ideas, business concepts, store design, operating procedures, and share brand resources.
2. Prestige International Group has tailored a set of effective marketing solutions for each partner, from market research, business evaluation, store selection, employee training before opening, to guidance for opening, market development Marketing propaganda, public relations, market supervision, etc., doing every detail is our company's service-oriented tenet.
3. Advertising is an important tool for brand building and an important means of market pull. The Group uniformly designs the image of the terminal store, plans holiday promotions, and gives market support and marketing plans. Including well-made product leaflets, product brochures, promotional posters, POP, and various forms of advertising.
4. Prestige International Group provides training for each partner from operation management to product support, training for business staff, sales staff, shopping guides, marketing promotion training for terminals and tracking service guidance.
5. In order to maintain a leading position, Prestige International Group will continuously introduce leading international and domestic products and technologies, and provide professional training for dealer friends free of charge.
6. When distributors conduct group sales or large-scale bidding, the group can assign a business group to assist in negotiating and signing a contract, and use the group's brand strength and strength to win respect and promote cooperation.
7. Distributors can participate in various social public relations activities, experience exchanges, technical discussions, commendation dealers' meetings, etc. held by the company for free; enjoy company information and materials; support for company social relations resources such as related industry associations.
8, channel area protection, complete product support, including stairs, handrails, sanitary ware, building decoration, catering services and other varieties, we uphold the company's service tenet, to give regional protection, price system protection, to achieve strong cooperation, create comfort, Healthy and environmentally friendly products.

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